Root Canals

Dr. Bill and staff member examining at patient x-ray.
Root Canals

Most patients associate root canals with pain and discomfort. It is unfortunate when issues leading to root canal therapy occur. What is the best thing you can do to avoid root canals?

Get the problem checked out at the FIRST sign you think something is wrong with a tooth. The longer you wait the worse the dental problem may be. In other words: Don’t wait for it to hurt!

People need root canal therapy when a problem has progressed deep into the center of a live tooth. When this happens the nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed and eventually dies. When the tooth dies and loses vitality, bacteria proliferate inside the tooth and eventually start causing the tooth to hurt badly when biting.

Left untreated, abscesses result and can lead to facial swelling. At this point the tooth is dead and the only treatments for recovery are 1) Having a root canal on the tooth or 2) removing the tooth. Unless the tooth is badly damaged, we often work towards completing root canal therapy.