Crown & Bridge

Dr. Bill and staff member examining at patient x-ray.
Crown & Bridge (Including Cerec)

Crowns and bridges are dentistry we help patients with almost every day. Crowns or ‘caps’ are restorations that cover your entire tooth and make ugly broken teeth look and feel great again. The most common need for a crown is to rebuild broken teeth or broken fillings. Also common is smile improvement or straightening crooked teeth.

We make beautiful and strong crowns in our office using CEREC technology. When you need a crown, we can fix your broken tooth, and build your matching tooth-colored crown on the same day that you came in to have the tooth worked on. It allows us to deliver “crown in a day” convenient and long-lasting dentistry.

Bridges are very similar to crowns except they restore more than a single tooth. When you have a missing tooth or a gap in your smile and you want to close the smile gap with a new tooth, a bridge is often the solution. The bridge caps the two teeth on the sides of the gap and a 3-unit bridge closes the gap. The downside of bridges is they are connected together. Bridges can be larger than a single gap or 3 teeth. This style of restoration has been used for many decades and is very common therapy to restore teeth and gaps today.

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