Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Bill and staff member examining at patient x-ray.
Periodontal Gum Disease Therapy

If you are not a regular flosser or haven’t had a professional dental cleaning in years, odds are good you have gingivitis at best or possibly some level of periodontitis or advanced gum disease.

Pyorrhea is another term that has been used for these gum problems. Periodontitis requires more specific treatments than just “cleaning your teeth.” Managing periodontitis may require “deep cleaning” or “scaling and root planing.”

About 20% of American adults have some form of advanced gum disease. Such problems have correlations to other health problems such as cardiac problems.

For gum health, the best thing you can do for yourself is floss regularly and also have regular professional cleanings done. Some people only need a cleaning every 1-2 years. Others need a cleaning every 3 months!

How do we figure out your schedule? We evaluate what we see when we first meet you and identify your home habits, your dietary contributing factors, your smoking status, etc. Every patient is different, and we tailor a therapy protocol specifically for you. We do this for x-ray images as well.