The Kryptonite of Enamel: Conquering the Broken Tooth

The Kryptonite of Enamel: Conquering the Broken Tooth

Teeth are incredibly strong. In fact, the enamel on your teeth is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in the body! So why can your teeth still break despite this very durable substance? 

Well, like Superman, even something that seems indestructible has its kryptonite.  supertooth

A tooth chip, crack, or break can happen in several ways, such as:

  • Biting down on something hard
  • Being hit in the mouth or face
  • Falling
  • Having cavities that weaken teeth
  • Having old, large amalgam fillings that fail to support the remaining enamel of the tooth

If you notice, most of the ways a tooth can chip, crack, or break are results of careless accidents that can happen in everyday life. If you’re sitting here unable to recall a specific accident that caused your broken tooth then we might have another issue at hand.  A logical explanation for your condition is that your tooth could be weakened due to a cavity, causing it to break.

You are probably wondering, how does a tooth become weakened? Well it happens over a span of time.  A combination of mouth bacteria and sugars from foods, snacks, soft drinks, and sweets can cause the pH of your mouth to fall below normal levels making it a very acidic environment.  This, my friends, is enamel’s kryptonite! The acidic conditions in the mouth can cause tooth enamel to undergo a process called demineralization, and thus create a tooth cavity. The weakening of the tooth from the inside out can result in the tooth to break or crumble. If this occurs see your dentist immediately so that they can evaluate the cavity and recommend the best way to restore the tooth. In some situations, if

So, whether it is a physical accident or weakening enamel, when your tooth breaks the patient protocol is the same.  SEE YOUR DENTIST!

A before and after view of a repaired tooth chip.
Before and after view of a chipped tooth repair.

There is no way to treat a cracked tooth at home. Sometimes the tooth will look fine, but if you are experiencing pain when you eat or when the temperature in your mouth changes from drinking, your tooth may be damaged. If left untreated, cracked or broken teeth can result in nerve damage, which can later lead to more extensive and EXPENSIVE dental care such as a dental implant.  It is important to contact your dentist right away so they can evaluate your situation and go over treatment options that are most suitable to you.

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