Are your gums “Red Hot” ? : Getting to the root of Gingivitis


We have all probably heard the word thrown around the dental office before, usually with a...

Brush it, Brush it “Real Good” : a kid’s perception to good brushing

Kids and adults have a very different view of what "really good" brushing is.  A lot of it has to do with dexterity in your child and being attentive to where they are brushing and for how long.  If you watch your kids brush their ...

When should children brush their own teeth?

My kids are extremely independent and it's tough to get them to accept that they are just little kids and can't do all the things adults do. Tooth brushing is one definite thing that most kids under age of 8 should not be doing alone. My test for all parents is to consider this:


Somebody get me a drink!

Dry mouth. The symptoms of the condition are right in the name. But what exactly is dry mouth? Why is it such a big deal to dentists? What causes it? What are the risks? How can it be managed? And why is everyone making such a big deal about saliva? Dry mouth occurs when there is a low flow of s...

Is your dentist “prevention-oriented” enough?

Dentists have a unique professional obligations to their patients--to help teach them to NOT need the services dentists can provide (like fillings and crowns). The word doctor is derived from the Latin word “docere” meaning to teach. Dentists, like Dr. Argersinger, and his staff take this serious...

Cavity Free, Year After Year

Being cavity free year after year is 100% possible.  This is how you do it in a nutshell:

  • Use these sweets only in moderation (less than every day):
*Soda Pop