Floss Like a Boss!

Floss Like a Boss!

Research suggests that 60-90% of people don’t floss everyday. That means that the majority of people who walk into their dentist office know that within minutes they are going to have to confess to their dentist that they failed to uphold what they agreed to start doing 6 months ago…floss.  Flossing can be time consuming, difficult, and sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s just as essential to your oral health as brushing! To convince you of this, here are 10 reasons why flossing is awesome:

1. Freshens breath. After meals, bacteria like to hang out between your teeth and gums and give off some lovely-smelling byproduct.  This is what contributes to bad breath.  Flossing away the bacteria means no more smelly byproduct, leaving you with fresh, smelling breath!

  1. 2. Brushing and flossing is way more effective than just brushing. Many people think that daily brushing is good enough, but unfortunately it is not. Flossing removes the bacteria between the teeth and gums that a toothbrush cannot reach.  Removing this bacteria is vital for the health of your mouth and teeth!
  2. 3. Prevents gum disease. Bacteria buildup around the teeth can lead to swollen gums and eventually disease. By flossing away this bacteria you are keeping your gums healthy and preventing formation of diseases that are both painful and expensive to fix.
  3. 4. Whiter smile and less stains. Plaque buildup between your teeth can start to harden and form tarter if it is not removed. Tarter is responsible for leaving your pearly whites stained and discolored.
  4. 5. Healthier looking smile. Remember that gum disease that could develop if you don’t floss? Well gum disease is notorious for making your gums look irritated and recede.  A healthy smile doesn’t only include white teeth, but for the gums and surrounding tissues to look healthy, too!
  5. 6. Flossing can save you money. And who doesn’t like to do that! Getting treated for dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis (severe gum disease) costs astronomically more than a lifetime supply of dental floss.
  6. 7. Reduce dental pain. When tarter builds up between the teeth, tooth pain will arise.  Flossing will remove the bacteria that form tarter between your teeth and save you from annoying, mouth pain later.
  7. 8. Less time at the dentist office. Now, we all know that the dentist office isn’t everyones’ favorite place to be, and while we love seeing our patients, we really don’t want to have to tell you to make another appointment to fix a dental issue due to lack of flossing.  Apart from their regular checkups, patients who floss rarely have to make follow-up appointments after routine cleanings.
  8. 9. Flossing helps prevent other diseases. Studies have shown that the bacteria that flourish in the mouth are correlated to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness.  By flossing, you are putting yourself in a position of lower risk for these problems.  Who knew such a simple task could have such a huge impact on your health!
  9. 10. Maintains your dental restorations. “Fillings” or “Crowns” are restorations in your mouth.  Those restorations cannot ‘decay’ but your tooth still can.  The durhamdds_floss1edge where the filling or crown meets the tooth becomes the most susceptible area to decay.  That’s also where floss cleans.  Not flossing means high risk for developing decay at the edge of expensive dental work.  Re-doing restorations means more money out of your pocket, but this can be prevented by flossing.

See, flossing is awesome! And has way more benefits than people realize.  So when your dentist nags at you again about your flossing habits, they only have your best interest at heart.  Not only are you improving your oral health, but you are reducing your risk of other diseases AND saving money at the same time.  Now I think that’s worth the extra minute out of the day, don’t ya think? So, go out there and FLOSS LIKE A BOSS!

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