Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

You might hear it all the time, from your friends, family, coworkers… “I hate the dentist.” But, why is that? Why do so many people hate the dentist? Your mouth is where you eat, breathe, and communicate, and you need it to be in functioning order over the span of your WHOLE life. So isn’t 45 minutes of the slight irritancy worth it to keep your mouth healthy? Yet, people still prioritize many other things and skip their cleaning/checkup appointments. I understand that the dental office has a stereotype of being uncomfortable and inconvenient, but not every dental office is this way (Hint Hint: Read Dr. Argersinger’s reviews on Google!).  It is just one of those things that is important to prioritize and do regularly (like seeing relatives). So to further convince you how important the dentist is, it is time to debunk the excuse myths!

Excuse #1: The dentist is TOO expensiveappointments1

The American Dental Association elaborates on a concept called the dental divide: there are those who can afford dental care, go to the dentist regularly, and have great oral health. Then there are those that cannot afford dental care, avoid the dentist at all costs, end up having poor oral health, which in turn becomes much more expensive to treat.

I’m sure if you made a list of what you want to spend your hard earned money on, dental fillings and cleanings probably wouldn’t be in the top 50 (and that might be being too optimistic). However putting off important appointments can cost much, much more in the long run! Tooth decay and gum disease are slow, progressive problems. It’s not like one day you don’t have it and then next morning you have six cavities. That is why regular, routine appointments are important because dentists can detect warning signs and help you prevent the diseases from progressing if caught in the early stages. This will not only save your mouth from major damage (and pain!) but will be A LOT less expensive of a treatment then if it were to progress into a more serious problem. So just like your typical dental routine of brushing and flossing, get regular check-ups twice a year to avoid any costly ailments from the get-go.

Excuse #2: Dental appointments are uncomfortable 

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.43.54 PMDentists and hygienists have a reputation for prodding patients and many people find the experience uncomfortable.  When done correctly and with TLC, dental care can actually be relatively comfortable and easy to endure.  The key is to have a good rapport with your dental care providers so they understand your preferences and concerns. Many different things can cause patients distress: the shot, the sounds, the invasion of personal space, etc.  Bottom line is that all of these things are addressable with technology and doctor/staff TLC.  If you feel your dentist and hygienist don’t work well with you, seek out a new dentist!  Maybe we would be a better fit, maybe somebody else.  Only way to tell is to consider reviews online and give the different practice and team a try. You have a voice when it comes to your dentist, so be candid with them about your fears and concerns and your dentist should discuss possible adjustments to curb them.

Excuse #3: I have great dental hygiene and no oral pain

Don’t be this guy…

If you brush and floss twice a day like you are supposed to, that’s great! But, in some cases it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem.  Symptoms to diseases are often times not obvious until the disease has progressed considerably.  As mentioned before, dentists are able to detect early warning signs for these issues before they become a bigger problems, which is why it is so important to prioritize and make your appointments! Also, dental cleanings are much more thorough then the brushing at home. For example, tarter can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist.  So, to prevent infections from occurring you must get it removed! You shouldn’t wait until it hurts before seeing a professional because once you have pain the problem may be advanced and costly to deal with. Dentists are unique in the fact that they are in the preventative care business and their job is to prevent you from using their more advanced and costly services.  Addressing a detected issue right away when it is still small is what preventive care is all about.

So reconsider your excuses!  Consider your priorities!  You have extra cable channels, you have a smart phone, you have a lot of things you CHOOSE to pay for.  Choosing to under-prioritize dental care MIGHT save you money in the short term, but it may be a regrettable long-term decision.

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