Dr. Bill Argersinger Earns “40 Top Dentists Under 40” Award for 2014

Dr. Bill Argersinger Earns “40 Top Dentists Under 40” Award for 2014

(August 2014)

Incisal Edge is a national magazine that celebrates the life and lifestyle of dental professionals. Annually, the magazine showcases the finest young dentists who exemplify the present and future promise of the dental industry with the award “40 Under 40”. Dr. Bill Argersinger was nominated for this award after a decade as a top sales executive for global technology companies, and then being faced with a choice: move his family to Singapore for his company or try something new. Obviously, he chose the latter and has since developed a thriving practice, selling the value of healthy teeth with more enthusiasm than an abstract tech product! (I think others would agree) Dr. Bill’s philosophy for dentistry is,

“It’s all about education; in the context of helping patients understand cause and effect. Once the patient says ‘ok, I get it,’ you can help them. If they don’t understand the ‘why’, you have a much harder time reaching the point where the patient thinks “can you help me make it better?”

When asked what his favorite aspect of dentistry is, Dr. Bill replied

“That I can talk to 40 patients a day who I likely haven’t seen in six months or more. Getting to know everybody is the best part.”

Over 600 dentists were nominated across the country and Dr. Bill was thrilled and honored to be one of the ones chosen.  All winners were invited to New York City to a fashion photo shoot in the 13th street Repertory Theater of Chelsea.

To view the award in the magazine publication click here.

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