These pictures reflect actual treatments and cases by Dr. Argersinger on patients at DurhamDDS. Many pictures are fillings only. The treatment in each case is described under each image


Pre-op anterior view of chipped teeth     Post-op anterior view of chipped teeth

These chipped teeth were fixed with fillings only.

Pre-op view of complex case     Post-op view of complex case

This was a complex case involving dental implant porcelain bridges, implant crowns, and composite resin veneers. All this work was upper arch only. Nothing has yet been done to the lower arch. This patient has a congenital condition that we are rehabilitating.

Pre-op view of fractured front tooth     Post-op view of fractured front tooth

A woman visited with a fractured veneer on her front tooth. in less than 30 minutes, we were able to repair the veneer with a filling.

Pre-op view of loose silver filling     Post-op view of fixed tooth-colored filling
Started with a large loose silver filling, left 30 minutes later with a strong smooth tooth colored filling.